The work of CWO can be broken down into 6 categories or stages:

1. Engaging churches- We bring awareness to pastors and key leaders in the faith community of the pressing needs of abused, neglected and abandoned children.

2. Equipping churches to engage their congregations- We help pastors present the needs of children in the foster care system to their church. We do this in a variety of ways: 1. By providing and creating free video, audio, and print resources for pastors to use. 2. By giving live presentations at churches. 3. By helping organize special events at churches to advocate for the needs of children in the foster care system.

3. Educating families in churches who are interested in fostering/adopting- Once they hear the need, many families in churches may be interested in fostering or adopting. City without orphans provides the valuable information they need to take their next steps by teaching free workshops at churches. Our first workshop "fostering & adoption 101" gives families the basic information they need to successfully navigate the fostering/adoption process.

4. Mobilizing people in churches who want to help in other ways- There will be many other individuals in the church who don't feel called to adopt but feel led to help in other ways. We mobilize them to help in other ways such as becoming respite care providers, CASA advocates, support group leaders, mentor families, WRAP families, prayer partners, donors of items (clothes, formula for foster children etc.), financial partners and volunteers. We believe every person can do something to help abused, neglected and abandoned children!

5. Supporting foster and adoptive families- Through mobilizing people to start support groups and mentor networks in their local churches, we help create environments where foster/adoptive families feel loved and supported by their local church, keeping them encouraged throughout the joys and difficulties of fostering/adoption.

6. Keeping everyone connected- We provide a central hub to keep churches, the county child welfare system, agencies, parents and other organizations effectively connected. Through our website, we will be able to provide a central place where potential and current foster/adoptive parents can find all the resources (events, classes, ministries, support groups) available throughout the city. We will also host alliance meetings with representatives from agencies, churches and families to network, discuss ongoing needs and track the progress of the partnership.