Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"A culture of adoption is a culture of healing"

              I (Whitney) am just finishing a phenomenal booked called "The Connected Child," by TCU child development director Dr.Karen Purvis. This book is a must read for foster and adoptive families! Even though this is not Daniel and me yet, we have gained so much insight on how children with trauma and attachment issues can make connection with their parents. I love the practical skills she teaches on disciplining a child. So many times children, when misbehaving bad, are turned away. "Go to your room!" or " Take a time-out over there," are things parents tend to say. Although this may work for some children, a child who has been in foster care or an orphanage has had people all their life push them away. Karen shows us how we need to bring these children "in" when we discipline. Getting down on their level with calm, yet firm words of correction, letting them have chance for a do-over. This fosters healing and connection for a child.

Take a few minutes and listen to the message Karen has for the church when it comes to creating a culture of adoption


  1. Love this book too! I have given away a few already to new adoptive parents as I think it is one of the most practical and readable books out there.
    The study guide is good too- it is more like a Bible study and is free to download on their website.

    I like the new look for the blog! :)

  2. Thanks Candice! She is right, here is the website for the study

  3. thanks so much for the info, im going to check out the video now (: