Friday, September 30, 2011

The Heart Gallery- Finding Children Forever Families

In 2001 a photographer and a foster-adoptive parent in New Mexico had this idea to start an exhibit where older children and even sibling sets waiting for adoptive homes in foster care could be displayed by photograph. This became what we now know today as the Heart Gallery. Almost every county in the United States has formed a gallery of pictures of real children needing loving, permanent homes (and sometimes pictures of actual local foster-adoptive families). If you aren't from our county, Google search your local one!

City Without Orphans is helping re-launch our local Fresno County Heart Gallery Exhibit!
You can check out this Fresno County run project at

We are looking for people in the Fresno/Clovis area that would be willing to get involved. Here is how you can do it:

1.)    Our exhibit is used as a great awareness piece for the need of loving families for our kids in Fresno. If you have an event, church services, or gigs that you think we can set up a table and share to the community then contact us at

2.)    We need volunteers who are passionate about this cause and would be willing to be trained to man our booth at various events. If you are an adoptive/foster parent, a mom, or just passionate about children contact us for more information!

      3.) Lastly, if you feel led to contribute to this exhibit you can donate to City Without Orphans     
            and designate it to the Heart Gallery. Visit

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