Thursday, September 1, 2011

How One Local Church is Caring for Foster Children

I have been wanting to share for sometime about a church near and dear to my heart and a woman who has stepped out in faith to engage this church in caring for orphans, locally and globally.

Tina Salvador is an amazing woman from NorthPointe Community Church who I was introduced to by a mutual friend. She knew we would hit it off : we are both passionate about loving orphaned and vulnerable children!

My friend Tina decided that she was ready to share with her church about God's biblical mandate to care for orphans- in tangible ways.

Not only has she encouraged couples to seek out the possibilities of opening their home to a child, but has shown the whole church they everyone can involved in doing something!

May was national foster care awareness month so she decided to ask families in the church to donate gently used or new bikes to foster children/youth to have as their own. Many families stepped up and donated.

She also started a meals ministry for families who get recent placements of children. What a blessing to not worry about their first meals! Families with biological newborns get these services, why not foster or adoptive ones?

Just last week NorthPointe's women's ministry held a event called "Get Pampered and Give Back." The event was free- women just needed to donate a duffel bag, blanket, teddy bear or Bible to get in! You won't believe it...

Over 300 items were donated by the end of the night!! Each duffel bag will go to a child who is removed from their biological home, who usually only has what's on their back. When they do have items they are often stuffed in a trash bag.

I write this to not only honor Tina and NorthPointe for living out James 1.27, but to also show other churches what you can do to help a vulnerable child!

What will your church do?!

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