Tuesday, November 2, 2010

10 Ways to Care for the Orphan. Which one is God Calling you to do?

This Sunday November 7th, 2010 is Orphan Care Sunday. This is marked as a day where God’s people remind each other of the call to pure and true religion and mobilize them to act! In honor of this day I am giving you 10 ways you can care for the orphan (adapted from Family Life Hope for Orphans). I challenge you to pray and ask God which one He is calling you to do, and then do it!

1. Plead with the Father for Them

Pray! We cannot underestimate the power of prayer. Pray for children who need families. You can even pray for specific children that are waiting for a family through adoption agency waiting lists. Below are links to pictures and stories of real children…

2. Speak Up For Them

Proverbs 31:8, “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves.” Advocate in your churches, businesses, and community for the neglected and abandoned children.

3. Give Them What They Need

These children have many material needs; clothes, shoes, suitcases, school supplies. You could donate your gently used or new goods to a local foster agency.

4. Support Those Who Support Them

This is a huge thing friends! We have talked to so many foster and adoptive families and asked them want they need. You know what their answer is…you! They want their church family, not more social workers, and therapists to support them, but you. Start a support group for families who have adopted, become a respite provider to help relieve a foster parent for a short time, give a baby shower to the mother who is expecting an infant through adoption in your church.

5. Provide Them a Safe Place

Have you ever considered becoming a foster parent? What about taking in a teenage girl who is pregnant?

6. Go Visit Them

You can go overseas to serve orphans or go to a local group home and throw a party for them. Either way, GO! J

7. Give Sacrificially to Them
There are so many ways to care for an orphan financially. You can sponsor a child monthly, give toward a family’s adoption, buy and donate Christmas presents for a local foster agency. Test God and see if He won’t bless you if you give in this area!

8. Cheer Them On

Be a mentor to a foster child. Come along side them and encourage them in their dreams. That child will never forget you!

9. Give Them a Forever Family

Take a child as your own and be the mommy and daddy that they so need and want.

10. Mobilize Your Church for Them

Start an orphan care ministry in your church where you can do these things as a church body!

I would love to hear in post comments, in response to this blog entry, what God is challenging you to do!!

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