Sunday, November 21, 2010

Breaking Down Barriers for Families

As some of you know, my husband and I have created a 45 page workbook called "Fostering and Adoption 101." We want to share a section of our workbook with you called, Adoption Finances. We are sharing this because we recognize that a third of families in churches consider adoption, but only 2% of them ever take action. You may ask, "Why is this?" Well here is one reason...

Often times financial obstacles are the very first thing that people consider when talking about adoption. Foster care has the blessing of providing financial resources for foster families (although should not be your motive for being a foster parent!) But when it comes to adoption,

Money is one of the main reasons people site for why they don’t go through with adoption.

If you choose to adopt or encourage others to adopt you will hear people say things like:

“Adoption is simply way too expensive”
“I could never afford that”
Why does adoption cost so much money?”
“Why would we pay so much for a child?”

I want to challenge you that these statements are common but they can be answered and overcome. I want to challenge you to replace those statements with these truths:

Adoption requires a ransom be paid, not a price

“Just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many” Matthew 20:28

Adoption isn’t “buying” a kid.

God’s children are precious there is no price too high. God paid the ultimate price for us, we must not use the high costs of many adoptions as an excuse to not care for his children.

Why would God pay so much for us? Not logic but love.

It’s the same for adoption. You adopt because God has given you a love for this child and has called you to adopt them not because it’s the “best deal”.

God has UNLIMITED resources to fund His work.

The earth is the LORD's, and everything in it” Psalm 24:1

Instead of thinking about money first, I want to challenge you to think and pray hard about one question: is God calling me to adopt a child?

Why? Because if God is calling you to do something, He is able to provide what you need for it.

Not all adoptions are expensive

This is a very common lie that keeps many people from adoption.The truth is that while international and private domestic adoptions can be very expensive, that there is usually little to no cost associated with adoption from the foster care system. In fact, there is often a monthly post-adoption subsidy paid until the child becomes an adult. So the most important question is “do I think I can afford it?” but “is God calling me to do it”

So if you feel called where do you start


God wants us to pray to Him for financial provision. It’s God who put it in your heart to adopt, it’s God who will fund it. He wants you to be persistent in prayer, depending and trusting on him through the journey (it really works).

Evaluate your personal finances

Asking him to provide for you while you are mismanaging the money he has already given you is hypocricy. I believe that when we are willing to become obedient in the area of our personal finances that is when God really going to start doing miracles

Not about having money, many people called to adoption don’t have money, it’s about being a good steward of what god has already given you.


If you have never done it, I would encourage you to go through a study on biblical ways of handling money or sit down one on one with a Christian financial couselor or pastor. We have some resources in the back. 

Budget/sacrifice: Sit down and see what you can cut back in your current lifestyle. If you’re considering but you know the time is not soon, use that extra money to begin paying off debt and freeing up margin for when the time comes. If you are ready to begin the process now or soon put things on hold and begin saving as much as possible. 

Get creative in personal fundraising

Letters of support to family and friends
Run race to support
Sell items to raise money…
For example, our friends the Andersons are making Record Clocks to fundraise for their adoption. Check them out!

Know and pursue all possible funding options:

Fedaral Tax Credit

No or low interest loans

Copyrighted by Daniel and Whitney Bunker


  1. Thanks for posting about our clocks!

  2. LOVE this post guys! I agree that the $ is the very first thing that comes up when people start to talk seriously about adoption. I love the idea of a ransom as opposed to "buying" a child. I did not buy my child. Much of the cost went towards her care in Korea as well as fees for necessary things to make sure it is legal and ethical such as fingerprinting and visa paperwork.

    BTW- read through the first handbook and thought it was great! I think it would be awesome to have our church hosting a seminar sometime in the near future! :)

  3. Thanks Candice for your comment and explaining your experience of the cost. And yes, I am going to email you today :)


  4. Great site you guys!!..I'm very proud of my children who have God's heart for the "Fatherless".Maybe we can expand on the need with our family this Christmas..Dad