Wednesday, January 12, 2011

For the King and His Glory His Children Will be Rescued

This blog post comes from a deep place. A personal leading to share what God has been showing me (Whitney) in one of the hardest places I have been at in my life. It is not about sharing a portion of our Foster and Adoption 101 Workbook curriculum or about the progress with City Without Orphans. Its about the promise of God...

God loves His children, more then we do. In His word He says over and over again that He is the defender of orphans. He says He will give justice to the orphan and the oppressed.

There are times when we look at circumstances in our lives and we wonder what God is doing. Why does that child not have a home yet? Why has that family chose not to adopt? I thought I was suppose to be doing your work Lord, why do I have this "thorn in my flesh" that is hindering me?

We recognize that there is an enemy of our souls, and of the precious souls of God's waiting children in the world. He would like nothing more then to distract us with "other" things: sickness, unemployment, fear, the cares of this world. And if we are honest, sometimes we let him.

But you know what I have come to realize?

The gates of Hell will not prevail over God's people.

For the Glory of His name and His name alone these children will be no longer orphans.

God stands good on His promises and He will not leave us orphaned, He will come to us!

God is going to do it and He wants to use us; broken hearted, scared, unequipped, young, old, rich, poor. 

We will face trails in our efforts to be obedient and follow Him but He says,

"But take heart, because I have overcome the world."

We serve a BIG God and He can do the impossible.


  1. AMEN my friend!!! I love you and want you to know I am still praying for you! You and Daniel are such an encouragement to us and we KNOW that the Lord WILL do the impossible and He who began a good work in YOU is faithful to complete it until the day of Christ!

  2. Casey and I are looking forward to watching in amazement as God uses you and grows your ministry. Thanks for sharing what's going on in a blog!!